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Churchill Living Partners With TAS Alliance

Mar 8, 2016

Churchill Living is excited to join The TAS Alliance

Hawthorne, New Jersey, March 8, 2016- Churchill Living is proud to announce an exciting new partnership with The TAS Alliance. As a US-based serviced apartment company, Churchill Living has joined The TAS Alliance, one of the UK’s leading serviced apartment agencies connecting owners and operators to a virtual marketplace that makes properties available to partners worldwide.  

Being one of the most well-known furnished  apartment brands in North America, this will open Churchill Living’s market even further to help support our growing client needs. Churchill brings over 67 prime locations in 9 major US cities to The TAS Alliance global network platform. Churchill is recognized by the US business travel and global mobility communities as one of the country’s premier providers of end to end integrated services through divisions of Furnished Apartments, Furniture Rental, and Travel Services. The partnership means American and European corporate buyers, bookers, and travelers now have access to inventory across both markets of serviced accommodations.

“The TAS Alliance is excited to be officially partnering with Churchill Living. Julio and the team at Churchill have already proved their commitment to working together seamlessly with The Apartment Service to provide excellent solutions for our member operator and client US needs. We are looking forward to continuing to drive this formalized relationship and our new US opportunities forward alongside our new partners”, says Jo Layton, Managing Director – Group Commercial Sales

Julio Morales, Churchill Living’s Executive Vice President of Sales Development and Marketing, said: “Churchill Living has a comprehensive property selection that will be made available through the TAS Alliance and expand the development of our brand. Our partnership with TAS allows us to deliver a consistent product and experience globally.. And we are extremely pleased to be part of the TAS Alliance as their approach and vision compliments Churchill in every way.”


About Churchill Living

As one of the largest providers of fully Furnished Apartments and Furniture Rental services in the Nation, Churchill Living provides clients with a diverse suite of services and products to meet any need. We combine our distinctive Furniture Rental inventory with our apartment portfolio management to create fully furnished apartments that set the industry standard.

Churchill Living’s Travel Services division integrates with our clients’ long and short term needs which allows us to coordinate travel booking and administration.

All of which, when combined with our cutting edge technology and reporting, enable Churchill Living to offer comprehensive temporary accommodations and housing solutions  to clients. With over 8,000 Apartments nationwide and thousands of Furniture Rental options, Churchill Living can support you from one apartment to hundreds, and make you feel “At Home Anywhere.” For more information, visit, or call (800) 658-7368 for details.

About the TAS Alliance

The approach of serviced apartment unification allows The TAS alliance to join together independent serviced apartment providers under one branded marketing and sales combination in a global network. This will deliver value and distribution awareness to suppliers as well as the guarantee of quality assured, comprehensive, easy to access solutions for buyers internationally.

The TAS Alliance acts as a stop source of bookings, extranet facilities, traveler tracking, issue resolution processes, multi-currency billing options, and much more.With access to over 55,000 apartments globally in 160 countries, partners are considered a US operator and a global serviced apartment agent. In the past 30 years, there have been over 55,000 units in every key city accessible through the TAS Alliance. The TAS Alliance offers full solution exposure for buyers looking to enhance and expand their serviced apartment programs. For more information, visit