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Furniture Rental

Renting furniture provides a flexible and economical way to meet your short- term furniture needs. Churchill Furniture rental has a selection of quality furniture styles and accessories suitable for any home.

  • Selections for every lifestyle
  • Collections for the entire home or individual room
  • Interior designers to assist you
  • Flexible lease options
  • Furnishings for every budget
  • Purchase options

Related services from Churchill:

Apartment Management
Managing your furnished apartments is a labor intensive process that requires specialized expertise and constant attention. Churchill Apartment Management handles all of the details and allows you to deliver top quality service to your residents at a reasonable cost. So, if you're renting furniture to market a furnished unit, call us to see how we can help.

Churchill Home Staging
Home Staging helps sell your home for the maximum price in the shortest amount of time. Churchill has partnerships with home staging professionals that will help bring your home's best features forward to ensure the finest presentation for potential buyers. Let our furniture and home staging partnerships help you showcase your property for maximum impact.

Churchill Model Apartments
Increase your occupancy rates by showing prospective tenants furnished models. Furnished models give future residents a better feel for what it would be like to live in your building, making them more likely to sign a lease. Sell your models as furnished apartments, increasing your return on each unit. Let our expert staff of furniture experts assist you in designing and setting up your models to maximize your occupancy rates.

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